Server Systems

We provide ‘business-effective’ datacenter solutions with innovative IT Infrastructure management services . Our solutions provides consolidate server availability in
datacenters, reducing operational costs and complexities. In addition, industry can gain greater operational efficiencies through optimization and CAPEX savings through the object Utilisation model —Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Further, we enable you to maximise the re-usability and technology consumption across business verticals through transparency and openness , easy sharing capabilities, and an ‘ondemand’ Service availability environment. We deal with several industry leading vendors including Cisco, IBM, HP, EMC, NetApp, HDS, VMware, Red Hat, and others.

Drivers for Server and Datacenter Management

Capacity Planning/Management
Asset Lifecycle Management
Uptime and Availability enabler
More efficient power and support for heat density cooling
Data center consolidation and Tech Refresh
Virtualization and cloud computing
Increased reliance on critical IT systems[9]
Energy efficiency or Green IT initiatives

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